As long as the files really are identical, it seems like a pop-up with a note and a URL should be fine. Some folks can't wrap their heads around soft/symbolic links and think they need two copies if they're using a file in two different applications. So, if you point out that they've already got their file there and they still wan't another copy, letting them store another copy seems reasonable to me.

As I suspected.


It is NO surprise at all to me that Jason has an email message from 8 years ago at his fingertips! :-)


Maybe it hasn't really bothered them enough in the last 8 years to do anything about it and now it's come to a head?

I can't stand listening to anything sped up. I wish I could but alas…

I'm glad the mug wasn't full of hot coffee!

OMG. This is horrendous.

I've not been around much of late. I take it you're moving?

If you're helping other people do better work, I can see your value increasing as far as the company is concerned because all those other people are doing better. 4x is likely an exaggeration but helping people do better is a very good thing.